Friday, 21 December 2012

Crikey it's Chrismas!

So excited! Look what my brilliant work colleague bought me for crimbo!! So pleased

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Name time, so I have discussed this idea with a friend when chossing our name and she came up with Bluebell with I think is just perfect! We both thought that Bluebell was an old sounding name and also perfect for the colour scheme and personality of the caravan.  Here are some images for inspiration. 

Maybe I can park the caravan in Bluebell wood?

First glimpse!

Ok so here are some photos of the caravan, there is a lot of work to be done but this will certainly keep me busy I've the winter months!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Material girl

I can't believe it I've GOT a caravan!!! After a few months of looking I've managed to find a real beauty! Its the caravan in the post below. It is being delivered this evening, at the moment it's cold, raining and dark outside so more photos will be uploaded tomorrow! Watch this space.

So today I've been looking at fabrics for the curtains and seats in the caravan. What do you think, there's quite a few to choose from!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Caravan No: 3

Think I might have found one!

So this week I happened to be out and about on my day off and low and behold I saw a super little 2 berth caravan, although it wasn't up for sale I couldn't resist leaving a note on the window explaining that if it was to ever be for sale that I would be very interested!!

That night I got a phone call to say that it was for sale! So I arranged to go and visit the caravan, and I was really excited to see that it was in excellent condition.  Although its only a 2 berth I thought it would be a great starting point.

So here she is! I am picking her up next Tuesday and I am so so excited! I need to come up with a name now?? This is a tricky one!  

Oh and here are some purchases that I have not up-loaded yet 

I got these scales from an antiques shop in Honiton for just £4.50!!!

Here is some Gaydon Melamine in the baby blue colour as well so all matches

I got these stunning flying swallows for just a snip at £3!!!

I also picked up this fab vintage kitchen utensil for £1 each!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Caravan No: 2

So this is the second caravan I looked at it needed a little work doing to it, but that's the kind of challenge I like!

Bits and bobs

Some images of items that I have recently bought for the caravan!

Above - 1950'S Beetleware condiments set

Above - 1950's Plastic butter dish this was a snip at just £2 from a local charity shop

Above - I rescued this Bush radio from being thrown out, when I found it, it had been left in the rain for weeks

Above - I actually made this cushion with my own fair hands!

Above - I bought this bowl (which I intend to put fruit in) from a charity shop for £1

And so it begins!

  In November of this year I decided that I would buy a vintage caravan, on a shoe string (£300) with the intention of completely renovating it to a 'vintage style'.  I'm hoping to use this caravan firstly for family holidays, but then I may decide to buy more to do up and rent out. So far I have looked at two caravan's and I am fast learning that £300 does not buy you a lot of caravan! 

I am closely watching gum tree, ebay, preloved, free ad's etc etc to spot that oh so chic bargain! But so far its rather quiet on the cheap caravan front, if you have £1500 the sky seems to be the limit!

But the most exciting part for me is planning a theme  and acquiring all the necessities for the inside of the caravan, I had a brilliant baby blue 1950's ice bucket as my focal point, I have based the caravan's internal pallet upon this very item! 

So I will keep you up-dated with the purchased I make, including the caravans I look at, ttfn Shelley x