Friday, 14 December 2012

Caravan No: 3

Think I might have found one!

So this week I happened to be out and about on my day off and low and behold I saw a super little 2 berth caravan, although it wasn't up for sale I couldn't resist leaving a note on the window explaining that if it was to ever be for sale that I would be very interested!!

That night I got a phone call to say that it was for sale! So I arranged to go and visit the caravan, and I was really excited to see that it was in excellent condition.  Although its only a 2 berth I thought it would be a great starting point.

So here she is! I am picking her up next Tuesday and I am so so excited! I need to come up with a name now?? This is a tricky one!  

Oh and here are some purchases that I have not up-loaded yet 

I got these scales from an antiques shop in Honiton for just £4.50!!!

Here is some Gaydon Melamine in the baby blue colour as well so all matches

I got these stunning flying swallows for just a snip at £3!!!

I also picked up this fab vintage kitchen utensil for £1 each!

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