Sunday, 13 January 2013

January blues!

So today as the sun is out I thought I would pop out to the caravan, I haven't seen bluebell for a couple of weeks, and I was getting withdrawal symptoms!

So my daughter and I braised the cold to check out the caravan. We ripped up the carpet in the main part, took off the bathroom cabinet and also unscrewed the side seat boards. Not really very much excitement to report today, ripping up starting the big renovation!

I have vowed to get this project started, so we can be ready for early summer! I want to start putting ideas together for children's parties, holiday hire, wedding and hen party hire. I found out about an exciting event taking place on my birthday Wedfest a local event to showcase wedding sellers with a difference! So I'm keen to go along and see what other people are doing hire wise and hopefully get some ideas to maximise my business.

I follow a page on Facebook called 'vintage caravans' they had some brilliant photos on their page of an American couple who have done their van up, take a look below, the only trouble is I keep changing my mind about re decor of blue bell!

I've included a photo a Tina by Loui Shabner, which was given to me this week by a lovely lady at work. Perfect for the next 60's / 70's inspired caravan! Watch this space campers!


  1. Wow Shelly that couples caravan is gorgeous i love what they have done inside shabbychic does vintage and it really works beautiful colours and so many lovely bits. Cant wait to see what you do with bluebell :-) dee xx

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