Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So it's my mission with this caravan is to buy everything second hand, up-cycled or vintage, for most of the caravan essentials this is proving to be relatively easy from finding vintage kitchen utensils at car boot sales and charity shops to buying someone's second hand vinyl flooring.

And this is my latest purchase a lovely lady sold me her old vinyl flooring!!! I think this is going to look fantastic in the caravan, I also have a brilliant rug, with all the relevant colours of the caravan theme, I will up load an image very soon.

2nd bargain of the week this great vintage enamel pot, for just £3! Its really tiny and probably completely impractical but its so pretty, I think it will go well in Bluebell.

The one thing I'm struggling with, (bearing in mind I'm doing this all on a small budget) is sourcing vintage material for the curtains and seats every piece I come across is not big enough for what I need.  I think I will have to buy the fabrics new, although the good news is that at the moment time is on my side so I can afford to look out for any remanents that maybe suitable.

The great thing I've discovered is being able to talk with other like minded caravan enthusiasts from across England, who are also embarking on similar ideas, as me.  I've found a brilliant blog from a lady called Sharon she does up various caravans and sells them on, its full of lovely photos and advice this is a link to her facebook page where you can follow what she does here.

Here is one of Sharon's vintage caravan's 


  1. Hi Shelly, love the black and white floor thats going to work great :-) You could always use vintage sheets but back them in plain cream calico to make them stronger both are washable if you made them into pockets to cover the foam and either used ribbons at the back to join them together or prest studs. Vintage sheets are cheap to buy and large ie double or single size. Also candlewick bedspreads are great to and are thicker.You could some lovely cushions out of the fabrics to :-) Im off to check out that ladies blog. I would love a caravan myself. dee xx

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